It is with a heavy heart that we need to inform you, we as a committee for Reunicon, have decided to cancel the event in August 2021. After postponement last year and despite all the vaccinations all over the world we feel we cannot offer our members a safe environment at this moment. And it is not clear whether or not the world will have returned to “normal”  in August, but at the moment it looks like travel will then still be restricted in many countries.

So, we have decided to cancel Reunicon 2021.

We intend to host a get together party at the 2024 World Science Fiction convention in Glasgow (if they win the bid) and will start a crowdfunding platform for this in combination with the www.confiction1990.com website. Should Glasgow not win the bid, we will throw a party at a convention in the near future, depending on the Covid-19 situation.

We apologize for this but feel this is the best option we have at this moment

Reunicon 2021 canceled due to COVID-19

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Since we have decided the cancel, most members of Reunicon 2021 have converted their membership into a donation.

We plan to have a big party at either one of the upcoming world conventions (most likely Glasgow 2024 if they win the bid) or otherwise a party at several smaller conventions in Europe. It all depends on the Covid-19 situation and the ability to travel safe again to conventions. Till that time, we appreciate your support and rest assured, we will most certainly throw a party to remember once the time has come!

If you do not use or have PayPal, please contact us at info@confiction1990.com for alternative forms of payment.

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Kees van Toorn, Chairman Confiction 1990
Kees van Toorn
Wim van de Bospoort, CFO at Confiction 1990
Wim van de Bospoort
Larry van der Putte, CAO at Confiction 1990
Larry van der Putte
Johan-Martijn Flaton, Chief Archives & Publications at Confiction 1990
Johan-Martijn Flaton
Angélique van der Werff, Social media manager for Reunicon 2020
Angélique van der Werff
John van Duin, Spokesperson at Confiction 1990
John van Duin

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