Due to new measures taken by the Dutch government all events have been cancelled to September 1st.

This means Reunicon 2020 will not take place. We are working with our venue to change to dates to August 2021, hoping this will be a better and more safe year for all of us.

Stay tuned for more information and keep in touch with us via social media for further information and updates.

About Confiction 1990

It all started with a phone call from a fan in New York way back in 1984. Then it took three years of bidding to win the race in Brighton in 1987. Another three long years to make ConFiction1990 a fact in The Hague, the second World Science Fiction Convention on the continent of Europe.

We have created this website and social media avenues to preserve the past for the future and… to promote our intended Reunicon 2020 to commemorate 30 years after ConFiction 1990. Not only attendees and supporters from the original convention are welcome, but all science fiction & fantasy fans from all over the world are welcome. And who knows, your visit might ignite a spark in your local fandom and before you know it, you are organising the next Worldcon yourself!

We look forward hearing from you or seeing you in 2020 in The Hague and till then, enjoy the memories we wish to like and follow or share with you all ConFiction1990.

Once upon a mouse in 1990....

Take a trip down memory lane with us

Guest of Honour at Reunicon 2020

We are very pleased to be able to announce that Joe Haldeman, one of the original Guests of Honour at ConFiction in 1990, will come to The Hague with his wife Gay Haldeman. Both Joe and Gay have fond memories of the convention in 1990 and will undoubtedly have stories to tell about their visit then as well as their lives in Fandom.

As we all know, one of Joe’s most famous books is The Forever War – which has been adapted also into a fantastic comic book by the Belgian artist Marvano, who will also be at Reunicon 2020.

We look very much forward to this and hope all of you will enjoy their company as much as we have over the past 30 years!


Kees van Toorn, Chairman Confiction 1990
Kees van Toorn
Wim van de Bospoort, CFO at Confiction 1990
Wim van de Bospoort
Larry van der Putte, CAO at Confiction 1990
Larry van der Putte
Johan-Martijn Flaton, Chief Archives & Publications at Confiction 1990
Johan-Martijn Flaton
Angélique van der Werff, Social media manager for Reunicon 2020
Angélique van der Werff
John van Duin, Spokesperson at Confiction 1990
John van Duin

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For Reunicon 2020 we have chosen the Promenade Hotel,  close to the original convention site. We have blocked a number of single and double occupancy bedrooms at special rates in this five star hotel for our members. 

Our event will start on Friday evening and will end Sunday morning; however, you may book additional days at the hotel prior and after the event at the special rate if you wish to come earlier or stay longer for a short break in the Netherlands. If you wish to do that, please let us know and we will make additional arrangements for you with the hotel.

Rooms are only available at this special rate for attending members of Reunicon 2020.

Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade

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