Membership List

This page for attending memberships and those who will be coming to Reunicon 2020 will be updated regularly.

NameCountryType of Membership
Joe HaldemanUSAAttending
Gay HaldemanUSAAttending
Angelique van ToornNLAttending
C F StiemerNLSupporting
Dermot DobsonGBAttending
Emilio DesalvoIAttending
Frank BeckersBAttending
Frank RogerBAttending
Jaap BoekesteinNLAttending
Jan van ‘t EntNLAttending
Jannelies SmitNLAttending
Johan Martijn FlatonNLAttending
John van DuinNLAttending
Kees van ToornNLAttending
Kim WhysallGBAttending
Klara LammersDAttending
Koen OlieTHAttending
Larry van der PutteNLAttending
Marc vanoppenBAttending
Marjorie SachsGBAttending
Martijn HaalmanNLAttending
Patrick van de WieleBAttending
Perdy DobsonGBAttending
Peter de WeerdtBAttending
Peter KraaijesteinNLAttending
René van RossenbergNLAttending
Rias NuningaNLAttending
Tony HammondGBAttending
Udo EmmerichDAttending
Vincent DochertyNLAttending
Willem HettingaNLAttending
Wim van de BospoortNLAttending
Eya KuismanenNLAttending
Erwin van BallegoijNLAttending
Heidi van der VloetNLAttending