Back in Time: Progress!

Progress Report 4 – Winter 1989

Welcome to Confiction’s Progress Report 4 from Winter 1989. The most important part are the Hugo award nominations and Siter Selection 1993 ballot, alongside with detailed informationon Hotel and Travel. I like to draw the attention of our US fans to their part of this information, especially the Package deal,

Progress Report 5 – Summer 1990

Only some four months to go! For your convenience this Progress Report contains a special pocket guide to make your travelling as smooth as possible.

Progress Report 3 – Summer 1989

In this summer issue we’ll take you on a sightseeing tour through The Hague. We even dip into the history in an attempt to give you a real “feeling” about the place in which you’re going to spend at least 5 days.

Progress Report 2 – Autumn 1988

Welcome to Confiction’s Progress Report 2 from Autumn 1988. We have hoisted the sails, for the wind is picking up, as is ConFiction activity.

Progress Report 1 - Winter 1987
Progress Reports

Progress Report 1 – Winter 1987

Welcome to Confiction’s Progress Report 1, the very first of a series with which you sail right through the years, before anchoring at our destination : ConFiction 1990, the first Worldcon ever held in The Netherlands.