Back in Time: Progress!

Progress Report 1 - Winter 1987
Progress Reports

Progress Report 1 – Winter 1987

Welcome to Confiction’s Progress Report 1, the very first of a series with which you sail right through the years, before anchoring at our destination : ConFiction 1990, the first Worldcon ever held in The Netherlands.

ConFiction 1990

ConFiction becomes a melting pot with fans from all over the world, busloads full from the former East Block. With over 3500 members it is the second worldcon on the continent and a huge success.

Noreascon 3 in Boston, USA

We organise a first small get to know each other convention and work convention in the Hague, preparing ourselves to work as the “shadow committee” in Boston at Noreascon 3.

Nolacon II in New Orleans, USA

A year of hard work: expanding the committee, going from one to the other convention get support for ConFiction.Trying to get as many members as possible.

ConFederation in Atlanta, USA

Busy year with promotion of Holland in 1990 with trips around the world to conventions as last change to convince fans to vote for Holland in.