Back in Time: Progress!

Marriot Hotel The Hague

Aussiecon 2 in Melbourne, Australia

Suggested site of convention changes from Amsterdam to the Hague as possible venue, first negotiations with venue and hotels; sponsor deal with KLM for bid.


First contact; phone call from New York fan Neil Belsky to initiate possible worldcon in the Netherlands with suggested site Amsterdam.

John van Duin, Spokesperson at Confiction 1990

John van Duin

At ConFiction John van Duin was the spokesman to the Dutch and international press with Johan-Martijn Flaton – helping out many Dutch conventions to promote themselves and worked as editor and editor-in-chief for various magazines.

Angélique van der Werff, Social media manager for Reunicon 2020

Angélique van der Werff

In 1990 Angélique was the sounding board for the committee and also took care of Childcare at the convention. Now she feeds the never ending hunger of people for information on various subjects on Social media.

Johan-Martijn Flaton, Chief Archives & Publications at Confiction 1990

Johan-Martijn Flaton

Without his input we would not have had such great publications, not only for ConFiction 1990 but also for a number of British SF worldcons, the last one LonCon 3 in 2014.